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  • Understand ego to understand others - and yourself

    I run on my own. I am my own psychologist, nutritionist, doctor, best friend and everyone else that we rely on in our day-to-day lives. I’ve become incredibly self-sufficient and self-reliant, which is why coming home has been such an eye-opener. My instinct has been to grab everybody by their collars and try to slap some sense into them. I want to shake them and say, “Get over yourself. There are people in the world who have bigger problems.”
  • Think of the future as a flow of several ”nows”

    I'm presently sitting in a diner, in Minneapolis. I'd actually run through Minneapolis several weeks ago, racing to beat the winter cold on my way to Seattle, when I developed tooth issues.
  • We create equality and give more people and companies a chance to grow and perform

    Truth be told, not everybody is born with equal opportunities. Some of us are lucky enough that success is “just” a matter of effort. We can choose to have a satisfying career. We can choose to reward our family with nice holidays. And we can choose to provide conveniences of life. But for many, background, race, gender, age and geography still determine whether there is a fair chance when it comes to career – and life.
  • Why should anybody care about your company?

    Most employees today desire to be part of something bigger, leave a mark, do something meaningful. They want to play a role in a bigger narrative, and it is up to you to set the scene. You might think the task is easy, but you will often find it difficult to concentrate your tasks, projects, visions, ideas and operations in a single sentence.

    Anyone responsible for hiring knows that there is a wide variation in employee performance levels across jobs. For this reason, there is an evident need for selection and recruitment methods that can predict which differences among candidates affect job performance. For the outcome of the recruitment efforts to impact an organsation positively (increased performance, sales, hiring manager’s satisfaction, etc.) the recruiter must be able to trust that the applied methods and processes create certainty.